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This book is the Reiki Healing Second Degree home study manual and is part of a multimedia course containing videos and audio tutorials you can download from our website. The Second Reiki Degree course teaches about the three sacred Reiki symbols for physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and distant healing. You will also learn how to create a professional Reiki Healing Practice. This book is one of many contained in 'The New Awakening Process' which contains all three Reiki Healing degrees including, Reiki Healing Manuals, Reiki Healing Audio Tutorials and Reiki Healing Video Tutorials plus the new True-self awakening practice called Gentle Touch. Everything you will ever need to know for your Spiritual Evolution and True-self Awakening.The New Awakening Process contains a comprehensive set of Energy Transformational Practices with its collection of Truths to re-educate the mind. The nine modules support the three stages of a persons evolution or spiritual journey before the mind returns home to rest in the heart of the Divine. This amazing process is a preparation for the awakening and merging with the God-self.

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