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BETTER THINKING, BETTER RESULTS answers the question: "How do you conduct a Lean transformation?" It is a detailed case study and analysis of The Wiremold Company's enterprise-wide Lean transformation from 1991-2001, notable for the integration of both technical and human aspects. It is an authoritative and practical Lean implementation manual that will help guide managers on their journey.You will learn how the management team at Wiremold applied Lean principles and practices to human resources, finance, sales, marketing, engineering, operations, acquisitions process, and throughout the value stream with suppliers, intermediate customers, and end-use customers. You'll be amazed at the financial and non-financial results they achieved.The second edition brings the story up-to-date with a new chapter that describes what happened to Wiremold's Lean management efforts since 2001. You will learn vital lessons about the challenge of maintaining continuity in Lean management practice over the long term.BETTER THINKING, BETTER RESULTS won a Shingo Prize in 2003 as the first book to describe an enterprise-wide Lean transformation in a real company where both principles of Lean management - "Continuous Improvement" and "Respect for People" - were applied. There is no other book like this one."Everything you need to know about a Lean transformation is explained between these covers..." - James P. Womack, Chairman and Founder of the Lean Enter...

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